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Learn the home beauty tips just like the traditional ways

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Every woman desires a beautiful skin that turns heads because a beautiful glowing skin not only helps in making the charm of a person more extensive but also gives them a look of someone who is dedicated as the skin requires regular care and upkeep like the body does to function properly. Most of the beauty products in the market today have tarnished the image of beauty by giving birth to over whitened, full of chemicals products. This product not only does not function as intended but also cover the skin with harsh chemicals. These products thrive on a person’s insecurities and market these products in such a way that the audience feels compelled to buy them. Needless to say they do not work at all prompting people to look for ingredients in their homes to beautify the skin to its natural glow through the various elements available in ones kitchen.

Remedies and treatments to give the skin a glowing look can be found easily in ones kitchen that are abundant in minerals and vitamins and other properties that are required to remove the skins impurities and make it healthy and glowing. To find these skin care tips in Hindi at home read on below-

  1. Aloe Vera- is a plant that can be easily grown in a house because it does not require much care, water or sun. It is full of anti-oxidant properties that help in making a skin smooth, soft and supple while restoring its natural skin color that has been tarnished by the sun. Aloe Vera also provides a certain coolness and relief to the skin after it has borne harsh chemicals or bites of insects.
  2. Coconut oil- oil from coconuts is one of the most used types of oil that is found in almost every home used by men and women alike. It is great for dry and flaky skin because it is filled with fatty acids that give a dull skin a radiant luster without making the skin seem oily. Benefits of coconuts are various as their oil always works wonders for the hair making it thick and soft and shiny.
  3. Baking soda- baking soda is usually used to make cakes and other assorted dishes but if used on the skin it proves to be a gentle exfoliator removing all the dead skin cells while restoring the PH levels of the skin.
  4. Lemon- lemon is highly acidic and that makes it a great bleaching agent against stubborn tan caused by the sun. Applying lemon everyday causes a definite change in the skin color, while drinking it with warm water everyday makes the skin smooth and helps in reducing belly fat.

Read all about skin care in Hindi and make your skin supple and youthful looking with the recipes from the times of our grandmother’s and their grandmother’s; that full of ingredients that can be easily found in the kitchen.

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Spruce up by painting your ceiling (Portrait Oil Painting)

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Do you have an old-fashioned popcorn ceiling? Those seem hard to paint. But let me try to ease the job a bit.

First, prepare the room. Cover everything — everything — in the room. Those little popcorn points in the ceiling will spray paint all over the place. Wear a dust mask, safety goggles and also cover your hair. A long-sleeved old T-shirt would be wise to wear, also.

Portrait Oil Painting

Next, dust the ceiling with a feather duster. Even though you might not see the dust up there, it’s there hiding inside all those bumps.

The paint-roller brush should be of segmented foam. This looks like a regular roller brush but has little slits to hug those bumps in the ceiling when rolling the paint.

When you paint, don’t roll the brush back and forth. Only roll in one direction. The reason for this is that once the popcorn gets wet, it will peel easily. So the front stroke is fine, but the deadly backstroke causes the peeling. If there are stains on the ceiling, first spray with a paint of the same color as the ceiling. Let that dry thoroughly before continuing to paint the ceiling. If you feel you need a second coat, let the first coat dry completely before painting again.

For a non-popcorn, smooth ceiling, still cover everything, wear a mask, goggles and cover your hair, but the brushing can go back and forth without worry. And the roller should be the same as for a wall.

What if you want to paint the ceiling a new color? It is best to test the colors first, but not directly on the ceiling. Paint a color or two or three that you are considering for the ceiling onto different pieces of construction paper. Pin those choices on the ceiling so you can see the effect of the color(s) in the different lights of the day.

Portrait Oil Painting

Don’t pin the different colors too close together because one color will influence your view of the other. After a day or two of looking at your choices, you should be able to pick your favorite. If none works, start again with new palettes.

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Tips for your next exterior painting project.

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So it’s time to paint the house and you are trying to decide if you should attempt it yourself and save the expense of hiring a professional painter or go ahead and spend the money to have it professionally painted. In this article we will look at what you will need if you decide to paint it yourself as well as what to look for if you decide to hire a professional to do it.

 So after much thought you have decided to do it yourself, lets look at what you will need to get started. First, you will need some basic tools and equipment to get started. You may want to write down everything you need before hand so that when you are ready to start you wont be delayed because you forgot something. The first thing you will need to do when painting an exterior of a house is to pressure wash it. Be certain to use a cleaning detergent that is formulated just for pressure washing. Most all pressure washers have a chemical injection device on it so that you can apply the cleaner directly to the surface. Be certain when using a pressure washer not to use too much pressure as this can damage the surface that you are cleaning. Second, you will need to decide how you want to apply the paint to the surface. There are three basic techniques that you could use, brush, roll or spray. Unless you have experience using a airless sprayer I would advise you to cross this one off of your list because you could end up doing far more harm than good with a sprayer. Next you will need to be able to reach whatever surface you are painting so you will need ladders, probably a extension ladder and also a step ladder. You will also need something to cover your shrubs and sidewalks so you will need some tarps or dropcloths. Last there are several small tools that you will need, a caulk gun, putty knife, scraper and of course a good paint brush. If you do not have some of these items such as ladders, pressure washer or an airless sprayer you can rent them at your local equipment rental store.

The most important thing to consider when trying to take on a project such as painting your house is safety. There are many serious injuries and deaths each year caused by falls. Also, when moving ladders always be aware of where the power lines are at as this is another safety hazard you must look out for.

Last, you will need someone to help you. It is a big project and trying to do it alone is not advisable. Painting a house is a big project for any one person to undertake and the more help you have the easier it will make it.

If you do decide to hire a professional painter, ask friends and neighbors what compainies they used to paint their house and find out if they were pleased with the work their painter did. This is usually the best method for finding a good painter. If you have no luck with that you could turn to the internet, yellow pages, chamber of commerce or you local Better Business Bureau for a referral.

Always get bids from three different painting companies, but be sure to compare apples to apples. Many companies will be much cheaper but use subpar material and cut corners where ever they can. Next, ask for proof of insurance, not only general liability but also workers comp insurance. Ask for at least three references and be certain to check all of them. Last, if you did not recieve a reference from your local Better Business BureauPsychology Articles, call them and find out if the company you are considering has had any complaints.

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Tips For Painting Interior Painting

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There are just a few projects that you can do to your house that will offer so much improvement at such a small price as painting. You can change the entire look of a room in a short amount of time. Painting is a great, low cost way to update any room with just a little effort.

Once you have decided on your color choice, go your local paint or hardware store with that particular color and have enough paint mixed to cover your entire room. Latex paint should be your first choice for painting your walls. The most common paint sheen for walls is flat, eggshell and satin. Flat finishes will hide flaws in your wall much better than eggshell or satin finishes, but will not resist dirt as well and is harder to clean. Eggshell or satin would be a better choice for high traffic areas. If you will need to paint the trim in your room you will also need to purchase your trim paint. The most common color for painting trim is white, but you can paint it any color that you choose, just be sure that it complements your wall color. Trim paint is usually semigloss or gloss, both of which form a hard shell when dry and holds up very well to wear and tear.

There are some tools and materials that you must have in order to complete this project. You will need a paint brush, tarps or drop cloths, household cleaner, wall spackling, latex interior paint, screwdriver, putty knife, paint roller and a paint tray.

1. To begin, move all furniture away from the walls and place the items in the center of the room. Next, cover all of your flooring and furniture with drop cloths. You can also use disposable plastic covers to place over your furniture instead of drop cloths if you choose. Remove all electrical switch plates and outlet covers. Replace the screws after removing the switch plates so they will not get lost. Remove all pictures and any other items hanging from the walls.

2. Using a cleaning solution, clean the walls thoroughly. Rinse off with water and allow to completely dry. If you have any stains such as smoke or water stains you will need to prime these areas using an oil based primer. If you do not prime these areas first, the stains will penetrate through your new paint.

3. Using the wall spackling and a putty knife, repair all nail holes in the drywall. Once the wall spackling dries, lightly sand the area using fine grit sand paper.

4. Start painting by trimming around all windows, doors, baseboards and the edge where the ceiling and walls meet. If you are not going to paint the trim, you may consider taping the edges of the trim using painters tape before you paint.

5. Using your paint roller and paint tray, begin painting the wall from the top corner and working your way down the wall with the paint. Apply the paint in small sections, usually an area approximately 4′ x 4′ can be covered with each roller refill. Begin each new section beside the previous and then blend the paint edges together while still wet.

6. Work quickly and don’t stop until you have completed one wall or have reached a break such as a door or the corner of the room so that you can maintain a wet edge.

7. Allow the first coat of paint to fully dry and then determine if you will need an additional coat of paint.

8. When painting your trim, paint the tops of the doors and windows first and work your way down so that you can remove any runs as you go. Paint your baseboards last.

Allow the paint to fully dry at least a full day before hanging your pictures back on the walls.

Take your time and good luck. The benefits that you receive from interior painting is definitely worth the time and effort that you invest.

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Guidelines to Prepare Your Ship Before Marine Painting

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Maintaining the structure of your ship solely depends on the how you prepare it to stand in the most extreme temperatures and environments. One of the important factors includes preventive surface preparation with effective coating application. These are available in the best quality and grade with the marine painting supplier. While there are elaborate steps associated with the entire preparation let’s look at few of surface preparation tips.

Understand your budget

It does not make any sense in investing in a low-quality product as it would not last for a long time and would require repairs within few years of its application. Thus, the coating project needs to initiated keeping in mind that it would enable prolonged life and performance of the ship. And you keep this in mind you may be able to decide on a budget that is beneficial.

Planning the entire project

Effective coatings established enhanced life span of the ship thus regardless of the company you plan to hire you to have to ensure that the project is executed in a controlled environment. Additionally, you will have to communicate with the contractor on the materials that he would be using in executing the project.

Temperature and humidity control

Before the painting actually, it is to be ensured that the ship is placed in a dry and ideal temperature

The method used for coating

While there are different qualities of coatings available you may consider the following,

  1. The time period the ship is away from the port
  2. The supplies the vessel carries
  3. What kind of maintenance would be required by the crew
  4. The access to the professional who would be executing the coating work

Good qualities of coatings have the following features,

  1. Faster drying times
  2. Appropriate coating intervals
  3. Accuracy in standby mode post final coatings

There is a lot that you will have to consider and enquire for ensuring that the coatings are appropriate for the vessel. The benefits associated with surface preparation and advanced coating technologies you will be able to,

  1. Consider the annual maintenance without depending on the weather conditions. With the climatic and humidity control technologies there would be any concerns related to the temperature
  2. The temperatures can be adjusted to the lower point dew within the space and thus the maintenance coating will cure faster
  3. Prevention of corrosion, warping, expansion, splitting as well as moisture control to protect the equipment
  4. The coating technologies further enable the project to be completed faster ensuring enhanced production rates, high-class results and fewer downtimes due to weather.

No doubt good surface preparation is absolutely essential for successful painting. One of the most common reasons for many paint failures is an inadequate preparation of the initial materials.  Removal of mill scale is imperative before painting the steel. The most crucial and important methods that are used for steel surface painting includes blast cleaning, picklingHealth Fitness Articles, flame cleaning and the preparation by hand.


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Is Running A Painting Business Seasonal?

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I was just eavesdropping in on someone’s conversation this morning who just started their own painting business but complains that it is a bit slow. Someone else remarked saying that “they didn’t want to burst their bubble but painting is seasonal”.

Well, I WOULD like to burst that guy’s bubble and say, “No, painting is not seasonal. Only the type of painting you do can be classified as seasonal”. Yes, EXTERIOR painting is seasonal from spring until fall unless of course you live in a warmer climate.

But other types of painting like faux painting, mural painting, interior painting for residential, commercial and industrial are year round markets you can stay busy in.

As a matter of fact, when I first started my painting business, it was in the early fall. I found residential work all the way through the winter – even the toughest part, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Not too bad I guess for my first year starting out.

Look at it this way, if running a painting business was seasonal then all painting companies (big, medium-size and smaller ones) would only be able to work half the year. Paint stores might as well shut down for the winter as well. Even window washing isn’t seasonal no matter how cold it gets.

If you don’t want to do interior painting and just want to be an exterior house painter then yeah, it’s seasonal. You just need to find a winter service like snow plowing or something. But if you want work all year long there is plenty of it.

If you are serious about operating a successful, painting business that stays busy year round, you are going to need to know how to run the business end of it successfully as well as the painting end. Having a business partner for this could be an advantage for you.

Two important secrets to running a successful painting business are advertising and doing accurate estimates. Get these two things right and the rest of it pretty much falls in place.

Some companies focus more on doing commercial and industrial painting and some specialize more in the residential and smaller commercial painting markets.

Once you decide if you are going to want or need a reliable business partner, employees and which painting markets you want to capture, you can then focus on your marketing better.

I read about one large painting contractor in the Chicago area that decided to focus on the commercial and industrial painting markets. He found out quickly that these two markets have deep pockets.

Of course with this type of painting you will have to buy some serious painting equipment. And you will need an experienced crew that is used to commercial and industrial painting.

Is this type of painting seasonal? They might slow a down a bit during the winter but then again there is plenty of large interior projects all year round. If anything were seasonable about the painting trade it would only be because of exterior painting in colder climatesPsychology Articles, not staying busy or the money.

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