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Learn the home beauty tips just like the traditional ways

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Every woman desires a beautiful skin that turns heads because a beautiful glowing skin not only helps in making the charm of a person more extensive but also gives them a look of someone who is dedicated as the skin requires regular care and upkeep like the body does to function properly. Most of the beauty products in the market today have tarnished the image of beauty by giving birth to over whitened, full of chemicals products. This product not only does not function as intended but also cover the skin with harsh chemicals. These products thrive on a person’s insecurities and market these products in such a way that the audience feels compelled to buy them. Needless to say they do not work at all prompting people to look for ingredients in their homes to beautify the skin to its natural glow through the various elements available in ones kitchen.

Remedies and treatments to give the skin a glowing look can be found easily in ones kitchen that are abundant in minerals and vitamins and other properties that are required to remove the skins impurities and make it healthy and glowing. To find these skin care tips in Hindi at home read on below-

  1. Aloe Vera- is a plant that can be easily grown in a house because it does not require much care, water or sun. It is full of anti-oxidant properties that help in making a skin smooth, soft and supple while restoring its natural skin color that has been tarnished by the sun. Aloe Vera also provides a certain coolness and relief to the skin after it has borne harsh chemicals or bites of insects.
  2. Coconut oil- oil from coconuts is one of the most used types of oil that is found in almost every home used by men and women alike. It is great for dry and flaky skin because it is filled with fatty acids that give a dull skin a radiant luster without making the skin seem oily. Benefits of coconuts are various as their oil always works wonders for the hair making it thick and soft and shiny.
  3. Baking soda- baking soda is usually used to make cakes and other assorted dishes but if used on the skin it proves to be a gentle exfoliator removing all the dead skin cells while restoring the PH levels of the skin.
  4. Lemon- lemon is highly acidic and that makes it a great bleaching agent against stubborn tan caused by the sun. Applying lemon everyday causes a definite change in the skin color, while drinking it with warm water everyday makes the skin smooth and helps in reducing belly fat.

Read all about skin care in Hindi and make your skin supple and youthful looking with the recipes from the times of our grandmother’s and their grandmother’s; that full of ingredients that can be easily found in the kitchen.

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